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Human capital management solution that helps businesses of all sizes with features such as recruiting, talent management, payroll, time tracking, workforce planning, and compensation.

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  • Gebruiksgemak 4 / 5
  • Klantenservice 4 / 5
  • Functies 4 / 5
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  • Beginprijs US$ 100,00
  • Prijsinformatie $100 to $200 per employee for a minimum 3-year contract.
  • Gratis versie Nee
  • Gratis proefversie Nee
  • Implementatie Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Mobiel - iOS native
    Mobiel - Android native


  • Workday
  • https://www.workday.com
  • Opgericht in 2005

Over Workday HCM

Manages an organization's human capital; employees and contingent workers through the hire-to-retire process.

Functies van Workday HCM

  • 360-gradenfeedback
  • Aanstellen (van personeel)
  • Beheer van verlofuren
  • Beheer van voordelen
  • Payrollbeheer
  • Prestatiebeheer
  • Schadevergoedingsbeheer
  • Tijd- en aanwezigheidsbeheer
  • Volgen van sollicitanten
  • Werknemersdatabase
  • Werknemersprofielen
  • Wervingsbeheer
  • Zelfserviceportal
  • Beheer van onderaannemers
  • Budgettering en prognoses
  • Levenscyclusbeheer van personeel
  • Plannen
  • Prestatiebeoordeling
  • Tijd en aanwezigheid
  • Vaardigheden bijhouden
  • Variabele werkkrachten
  • Werkprognose
  • Wervingsbeheer

De nuttigste reviews van Workday HCM

Finally getting away from PDFs

Beoordeeld op 19-3-2019
Project Manager - Business Intelligence and Campaigns
Filantropie, 1.001-5.000 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1+ jaar
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4 / 5
4 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
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Pluspunten: The best part of about Workday Performance Management is the ability to get away from manual processes. Previously at our company, we had to write our self-evaluations in a PDF document that was submitted to our managers. Then the manager could choose to write something completely different or utilize what was already written by the employee. Ultimately, the manual process left out information. With Workday Performance Management, everything is included. The self-evaluation is maintained within the performance review, as is the manager's review. That way anyone can compare and contrast what the manager had to say vs. what the employee had to say about themselves. All of this can be custom created per company so that an organization can keep whatever fields work best for them. It also can maintain goals, as well as milestones throughout the course of the year so that employees aren't just touching their reviews once a year, but actually working on them throughout the entire year. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all that I have accomplished at the end of the year, unless I have written it down in a Word doc. But now you can add things to your review as it happens and then do one final edit at the end of the year.

Minpunten: The biggest con for me is the lack of stating what can be improved. This could be a customized field that my organization failed to incorporate. If that's true, then maybe the improvement could come from WorkDay itself on best practices. But every employee wants to shine a light on all the good they did throughout the course of the year. It is just as important for each employee to shine a light on the things they could do better, or improve upon for the next year. Another con for our organization was the length of time it took to implement WorkDay within our systems. It was far from an easy task that took thousands of man-hours to implement. However, now that it is implemented and people are using it, it seems to have been worth the effort.

‘A platform for employees to speak-up’

Beoordeeld op 16-4-2019
Managing Director
Human Resources, 13-50 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1+ jaar
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4 / 5
5 / 5
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Opmerkingen: comparatively, ‘workday’ is an efficient, effective and affordable system for an above average organization.

Pluspunten: Many companies lose their talented employees due to failures by the top management to recognize the contributions made by certain employees for the growth of the organization, which goes unnoticed by the hierarchy which creates a negative opinion towards the management by those employees. HCM tool makes a positive impact as a go-between the employee and management and WORKDAY has made substantial developments with this regard. ‘Workday’ HCM has given the employees all the freedom to put on record their contributions/ achievements, goals, training requirements, etc which has almost totally brought to halt human ignorance/negligence of appraisers during evaluations and give due recognition to each employee according to the employee value to the company. ‘Workday’ has many features that help both the management and employees to know each other better and make justifiable decisions. With an advanced HCM such as ‘workday’, it is not only the HR head, but the whole top management is aware of the positives and negatives of the members of the organization which strengthens the transparency of the decision makers. With ‘workday’, the management doesn’t need to wait till the due period for performance appraisals, but identify ‘real-time’ the value of certain talents and apply sensible decisions to recognize such employees. ‘workday’ comes with an attractive UI which is a pleasing plus point. Additionally, it supports multiple devices which are useful on the go.

Minpunten: so many beneficial features are incorporated in the system that it takes a fairly big effort to familiarize. As this is a HR centered software with access to each member, we find difficulties in getting the full potential due to cultural diversities by way of language barriers (non-English speakers).

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