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Organizations across all industries that want to simplify performance management processes while increasing the ability to get valuable insights about their organizations.

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  • Implementatie Cloud, SaaS, Web
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  • HR Performance Solutions
  • http://www.hrperformancesolutions.net
  • Opgericht in 1989

Over Performance Pro

Performance Pro is the leading employee performance management application for companies with 50 to 1,000 employees and facilitates performance management practices focused on regular coaching, employee development, goal/strategy alignment, and pay-for-performance. Performance Pro's pay-for-performance features include 1) market-driven salary data for 100% of positions, 2) automated, or manager-driven, merit pay distributions - based on your criteria, and 3) equal pay (pay equity) analytics.

Functies van Performance Pro

  • 360-gradenfeedback
  • Aanstellen (van personeel)
  • Beheer van verlofuren
  • Beheer van voordelen
  • Payrollbeheer
  • Prestatiebeheer
  • Schadevergoedingsbeheer
  • Tijd- en aanwezigheidsbeheer
  • Volgen van sollicitanten
  • Werknemersdatabase
  • Werknemersprofielen
  • Wervingsbeheer
  • Zelfserviceportal
  • Academisch/Opleiding
  • Asynchroon leren
  • Gamification
  • Gemengd leren
  • Geïntegreerd systeem voor maken van cursussen
  • Mobiel leren
  • Naleving van SCORM-standaards
  • Ondernemingen/bedrijfswereld
  • Portal voor leerlingen
  • Synchroon leren
  • Videovergaderen
  • eCommerce
  • eLearning-bedrijven
  • Benchmarking
  • Feedbackbeheer
  • KPI's
  • Prestatiebeheer
  • Priorisering
  • Strategische planning
  • Voortgang bijhouden
  • 360-gradenfeedback
  • Aangepaste tariefschalen
  • Aanpasbare sjablonen
  • Beoordelingen door collega's
  • Doorlopend bijhouden van prestaties
  • Evaluatiecyclus tracken
  • Gewogen Prestatiecriteria
  • Individuele ontwikkelingsplannen
  • Schadevergoedingsbeheer
  • Vaardigheidsbeoordelingen
  • Zelfevaluaties
  • Zelfserviceportal
  • Bonusprogramma
  • Culturele uitlijning
  • Enquêtes
  • Feedbackbeheer
  • Gezondheids- en wellnessprogramma's
  • Maatschappelijke erkenning
  • Personeelawards
  • Personeelsrichtlijnen
  • Prestatiebeheer
  • Prestatiebeheer
  • Werknemersbelangen

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De nuttigste reviews van Performance Pro

Annual Fiscal Review is a breeze

Beoordeeld op 1-8-2018
Alvaro M.
Account Manager
Nutsbedrijven, 1.001-5.000 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
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4 / 5
4 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
2 / 5
4 / 5
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Opmerkingen: Employees love rewards and performance bonuses. Managers need a tool to justify these. Performance Pro will help you come up with the workflow to set goals, monitor, and quickly access the progress and results via its powerful reporting tool.

Pluspunten: Thanks to Performance Pro most of our performance appraisals and review are have been streamlined (some modules, automated), and the reporting tool has delivered a comprehensive and consistent report (so far) for the past 2 fiscal years we're at it. The major seasons in the year we use this is during the start, mid, and end of fiscal year. Our employees didn't really find it difficult to adjust to this software (coming from an internally developed app we had before). Among the features they loved is the fact that it allows the employees and managers to add goals, notes, and ratings are easy to input. Our appraisals are done in a timely manner, mostly because the update of the records has been made mandatory, and easy using this software. Transparency is also key to a good reception from our employees. The review process is clearly documented and are made transparent and easy to follow just by accessing their records and accompanying documentation.

Minpunten: Performance issues of the application are sometimes felt by (some) employees. We have yet to narrow down the cause (whether it is due to our devices or what). The UI doesn't help too much in this aspect since it looks a bit sluggish and with an outdated design. The customer support was a little lacking, either the one assigned to our ticket wasn't knowledgeable or our issues were not really given priority and much attention.

Antwoord van de leverancier

van HR Performance Solutions op 13-12-2018

Hi there,

Thank you so much for the positive feedback. We are happy to hear that the software allowed you and your organization to streamline and automate your performance management process and support more transparency within your culture.

Please let us know if employees are still experiencing issues with the application so we can help to track down the problem. Good news to come, a UI refresh is on the docket for 2019 so be on the lookout!

All the best!

The Performance Pro Family

Performance Pro - Making everyone's lives a little easier

Beoordeeld op 11-2-2015
Jennifer D.
Bron van de reviewer 
Bron: SoftwareAdvice
In totaal
5 / 5
5 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
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Pluspunten: Performance Pro eliminates most of the headaches that come with any type of Performance Management process. The goals in implementing an effective Performance Management process should be to make it an effective and efficient process. Performance Pro has been able to do this for us by streamlining the Performance Management and Performance Review process by offering a web based solution and eliminating the need for paper documents to support reviews, performance improvement plans, coaching forms, etc. Everything is offered and housed in one system and is completely customizable. Most systems that offer customization really mean that the system provider will customize it for you for a fee. What I found is that this can get extremely costly, and then you are reliant on the system provider for the simplest change. Performance Pro allows me to customize most elements of the Performance Review process and forms for free, and the system is completely user-friendly. There are a number of factors to select from, goals can be customized for specific positions and reviewed and evaluated periodically with employees throughout the year. If you are trying to sell this cost to your CEO, break it down; your administrative expenses will be reduced, and you should see an immediate return in that your goals and factors align directly with business objectives.

Minpunten: There is nothing that I necessarily do not like about the product. If anything, my wish would be that it would fully integrate with my HRIS system. But I heard that this is going to be happening quite soon!

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