Wat is Roofr?

Roofr offers accurate roof measurement reports for $10 delivered same day or you can measure it yourself using the free DIY software. Every report includes 6-pages outlining total squares, pitch, edges (including hips, valleys, ridges, flashing, and more).

Roofr also allows users to send impressive branded proposals to leads so they can stand out from the competition and sell more jobs.

Start for free now and start winning more work!

Wie gebruikt Roofr?

Roofing Contractors - $10 roof measurement reports delivered same day or use the free DIY software. All reports are accurate and include all details of the roof. No fees. Unlimited users.

Roofr - Details


Opgericht in 2017

Roofr - Details


Opgericht in 2017

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Roofr Software - 1 - miniatuur
Roofr Software - 2 - miniatuur

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US$ 10,00/eenmalig
US$ 18,00
US$ 129,00/maand
US$ 12,00/maand

Gratis versie

Gratis versie Ja
Gratis versie Nee
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Roofr - implementatie en ondersteuning


  • E-mail/helpdesk
  • Veelgestelde vragen/forum
  • Kennisbank
  • Telefonische ondersteuning
  • Chatten


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mac (desktop)
  • Windows (desktop)
  • Linux (desktop)
  • Chromebook (desktop)


  • Live online
  • Documentatie
  • Video's

Functies van Roofr

  • Aanpasbare rapporten
  • Aanpasbare sjablonen
  • Aanpasbare velden
  • Activiteiten volgen
  • Activiteitendashboard
  • Administratie
  • Apparatuur bijhouden
  • CRM
  • Commercieel
  • Contactendatabase
  • Contract- en licentiebeheer
  • Documenten opslaan
  • E-mailsjablonen
  • Elektronische betalingen
  • Elektronische handtekening
  • Factureren
  • Factuurbeheer
  • Foto's vastleggen
  • GPS
  • Industrieel
  • Inkooporderbeheer
  • Inspectiebeheer
  • Integratie in de administratie
  • Interactie bijhouden
  • Kalenderbeheer
  • Klantendatabase
  • Klantenportal
  • Leads beheren
  • Luchtmeting
  • Materialen rangschikken
  • Mobiele app
  • Mobiele toegang
  • Offertes
  • Plannen
  • Productiekosten
  • QuickBooks-integratie
  • Rapportage en statistieken
  • Realtime rapportage
  • Realtime updates
  • Schattingen
  • Taakbeheer
  • Taakplanning
  • Taakplanning
  • Teammanagement
  • Tijd en onkosten bijhouden
  • Verzendbeheer
  • Waarschuwingen/Meldingen
  • Werk bijhouden
  • Werkorderbeheer
  • Workflowbeheer

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Nicholas L.
President in VS
Bouw, 11-50 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: Gratis proef
Bron van de reviewer

Pleasantly Surprised - Understatement of 2020

5 vorig jaar

Opmerkingen: Our business is predicated on the fact that we are precise in every measurement we make, and thus, are able to competitively provide solutions to our clients which are priced according to the market we serve. Without being thorough, replete in our ability to heavily rely upon the technologies which guide our proposal process, we would not maintain the trust we have with our clients. Roofr allows such precision, as it is embedded in their product stem to stern.


We have relied heavily upon a software we've used for years, and until switching to Roofr, never had the need to look elsewhere. A friend of mine whose company also switched to Roofr recommended it to us, and I should be paying him for his recommendation. Not only is Roofr incredibly intuitive technology, it is also patterned in the same fashion as other, much more highly priced technologies, which pale in comparison to what Roofr provides.


From everything we've seen thus far, I honestly can't recount any cons.

Susan J.
Owner/Office Manager in VS
Bouw, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
Bron van de reviewer

Easy to use and great price

5 vorig jaar

Opmerkingen: Roofr has made estimating easier and faster. Roofr helps cuts down on human error.


Measuring the specific building is so helpful.


Operator error is pretty easy to log in to the homeowner portion of Roofr rather than the contractor portion.

Derrick S.
Production Manager in VS
Bouw, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
Bron van de reviewer

Makes my job easier

3 vorig jaar

Opmerkingen: So far so good I know this is a newer company so I am giving it a chance and hoping they improve with time and experience


I like this because it is cheaper than all the other companies offering the same service


The pitches are ofter incorrect, and need to be fixed after the order is completed. this slows our process down

Miguel P.
Owner in VS
Bouw, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
Bron van de reviewer


4 vorig jaar

Opmerkingen: Great. Services are good so far.


Ease of functionality. I like to measure my own roofs and I've used iroofing in the past. This product is free to use for self-measuring and the price for them to measure it for me is super cheap.


If there was a way to have those satellite images be free that would be great 😅 I get why I would have to pay for it though so as time goes I'm probably going to buy it.

John M.
Owner in VS
Bouw, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 6-12 maanden
Bron van de reviewer

Good...but not Great...yet

4 vorig jaar

Opmerkingen: It does help measure a roof with fairly good accuracy from aerial satellite views. This helps on steep or difficult to measure roofs. Overall, it’s a good product. Need to develop a mobile app ASAP.


It’s a simple program to use, literally takes less than 30 mins to become familiar with and be able to at least do basic roofs.


The fact that it lacks a mobile app. Was unable to download an app on either an apple or android device. The software must be used within a browser.