Wat is Tailor Brands?

Wat als je alles wat je nodig hebt binnen 30 seconden zou kunnen ontwerpen? Met het online platform van Tailor Brands kan dat. Van logo-ontwerp tot presentaties en zelfs hele merken: dit platform heeft wat je zoekt. Je kunt ter plekke een logo ontwerpen.
De logo-ontwerpfunctie heeft geen verborgen trucs en geen vooraf ontworpen logo's.

Wie gebruikt Tailor Brands?

Eigenaren van kleine bedrijven die een logo voor hun bedrijf willen creëren, naast andere ontworpen elementen zoals visitekaartjes en websites. Creëer je logo binnen 5 minuten.

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TOEFL Mentor in Roemenië
Geverifieerde LinkedIn-gebruiker
Schoolleiding, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
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The best logo maker!

5,0 3 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: Just Perfect! Ideal. Fast. Easy. Beautiful. Splendid resolution. Professional style. Clear, user-friendly, rational, practical, applicable. Meaningful, sensitive and sensible. Thank you very much, Tailor Brands, you are great! Highly proficient, very masterful! Your logo is making small promising startups recognizable.


Well, I needed a stylish, elegant, beautiful and easy to remember logo but I could not hire a highly experienced vector graphics designer because the process of discussion, confirmation and creation of custom-made logos is usually really time-consuming, the results sometimes are not really appropriate and what's more, services of professional vector designers are usually quite expensive. In case of a startup or a small, promising company it is not really an option. As soon as I have found Tailor Brands, I understood that it is the best thing I have ever tried. I had some experience of using this tool before, but at that time I was still experimenting with different ideas. But I have memorized that Tailor Brands is a way which can help. When I created my other company, which has been innovative and promising enough, fast-growing and unpredictable, I understood that in this case Tailor Brands logo will be the best solution because I have no time to wait, I have no time to plan, I have no extra resources and money for creating something too expensive. I needed a stylish, elegant and meaningful logo which will satisfy my customers' expectations, meet their expectations and will be remarkable, noticeable and professional enough. Tailor Brands tool offered me several options, I tested several fonts, colors, backgrounds, symbols, details and slogans, until I got the ideal solution which I have been using for several weeks already. This tool is surely a great logo maker for startups.


Probably, it is the first time when I am more than satisfied. I have no improvements to suggest. Tailor Brands is a clearly fast, easy and beautiful way for logo creation. However, I have not tried out all the other options, such business mailbox, printing logo, buying additional domains and more.

Integrative Health Coach in VS
Gezondheid, wellness en fitness, Zelfstandig ondernemer
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 6-12 maanden
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Thank God for Tailor Brands!!!

5,0 vorige maand Nieuw

Opmerkingen: It’s been a one stop shop for all of my business needs, and for that I’m especially grateful. It’s been an easy, simple process too. I was not tech savvy at all and I was very worried about my abilities in making my own website but tailor brands is so easy to use that I didn’t have any real issues. I’m also grateful that they offer all the legal business stuff like starting an LLC too. I can literally do everything I need to do for my business on tailor brands. Excellent overall experience!


I was looking for the easiest, highest quality, yet budget friendly web design company and I found it in Tailor Brands! I was not tech savvy at all but I was able to figure out how to make my own website with ease thanks to tailor brands! Plus they offer everything you need in one place! I got my business email, registered my LLC, do my own graphic design and business cards through tailor brands. It couldn’t have been easier! Thank God for Tailor Brands! I couldn’t be happier with their quality services and affordable prices! I’ll never even look at another company for my needs because I am so happy with my experiences with Tailor Brands! I’ve been using them for almost a year and they’ve sent me all the business/legal reminders I need, plus they offer personalized help! Thank you Taylor Brands for all that you do! Best company out there!!


Nothing really. There were a few times I was confused about how to use the software but I eventually figured it out, and I got help from the tailor brands team too.

Owner in VS
Kunst en nijverheid, Zelfstandig ondernemer
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 6-12 maanden
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Good product, poor communication, no cancelation policy.

3,0 vorige maand Nieuw

Opmerkingen: Logo creation, started out rocky, had to get help because their set up isn't clear, i ended up having to get them to help me merge(and it's still not merged properly) i thought everything else was great until i found out that i couldn't get a refund on a product i am no longer using. Also you can't delete a payment, you can add another but they don't allow you to remove it once it's in their system. Scammy AFI just wanted a refund for something i don't want or need and they said they "couldnt stop a payment that's been started" bulls*it


I loved their logo design. This is the only thing worth using them for l, but JUST buy the design, do not do a monthly service, you can get a website set up and do all your paperwork without getting charged more than your legal fees.


Zero communication about renewals, yes, i get it, they want you to forget so they can take your money, so of course the don't let you know in an email that you're set to auto renew, that would mean they lose money, there is no cancelation, so now I'm stuck for an entire, with a service i don't want or need. Avoid! Only use for logo creation, everything else is expensive and they bombard you with "upgrades" everything costs extra. Oh, only $72 for an email! Only $35 for a mailbox, only $200 for legal protection.. the list goes on forever until you've been nickeled and dimed to death.

Reactie Tailor Brands

4 weken geleden

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and take full responsibility for your bad experience and will be very happy to help change it. I have been trying to locate the email you sent to our support team, but having trouble finding it under your name. We'd love to take a look at this for you and provide you with a satisfactory solution to this issue :) Would you mind giving us an email address we can contact you at? Or you can also reach out to us at [email protected]. Kind regards, The Tailor Team

Owner in VS
Financiële dienstverlening, Zelfstandig ondernemer
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
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Tailor Brands

5,0 2 weken geleden Nieuw

Opmerkingen: Creating a quality website has been hard and costly, until I found Tailor Brands. Setting up my website with TB was very user friendly.


Setting up my website was very easy and the customer service is great.


I'm not good myself at SEO so I have not been able to make that work. But, I have hired an SEO company so it's about to get better.

atendimento ao cliente in Brazilië
Groothandel, Zelfstandig ondernemer
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
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Practical and objective software to create a logo

4,0 4 weken geleden Nieuw

Opmerkingen: The software is very practical and intuitive so that you can get to your final result, in a few minutes I got my expected result, I just needed to select the models and colors of my taste and the software did everything else, in the end I got a beautiful and original logo, I confess that I did not like much the amount to be paid for it.


The software provides many options so that you can get the best result, also and very intuitive making it easy to use. The software provides many models, colors and fonts thus having gigantic possibilities for your brand logo and if you do not like the result you can change it and add what you want to it.


Even though it is almost impossible not to like the end result, the software can be difficult to access for many people, since the amount to be paid for your logo, brand is a little high.