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Over Esker Fax/VSI-Fax

Multi-platform fax software that enables users to receive and send faxes within their enterprise applications or through their emails.


Functies van Esker Fax/VSI-Fax

  • Archiveren en retentie
  • E-mail naar fax
  • Fax naar e-mail
  • FoIP
  • Geautomatiseerde routing
  • Leveringsbeheer
  • Witte lijst / zwarte lijst

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Email to fax made easy

Beoordeeld op 25-7-2018
Jamie S.
Helpdesk Specialist
Informatietechnologie en -diensten, 51-200 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
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4 / 5
3 / 5
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Opmerkingen: Allows us to no longer have fax machines in our organization and send / receive faxes via email.

Pluspunten: With faxing being such an outdated technology, this allows us to have fax numbers that easily goes to our email.
Easy to log in and adjust our fax numbers/email address.
Easy to create additional fax to email accounts.
Allows anyone in our entire organization to send a fax from email.
Allows you to check the logs and see status of all sent/receieved logs.
Technical Support has been great for resolving all my problems in a timely manner.
No more fax machines! Thank god.

Minpunten: One time I deleting a transport number because I was going to re-create it to re-purpose it, only to find out I couldn't easily go back in and re-create it. Had to contact support to get them to add it back. I received no indication when deleting that this would happen and it caused a delay in getting that fax number re-purposed.
Other than that, I can't think of any cons as it works great.
Set it up and forget it.

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