Wie gebruikt deze software?

Het wordt gebruikt door grote en kleine teams in elke branche om werk gedaan te krijgen. Hiermee kunnen ze projecten plannen en deze opvolgen, samenwerken en op de hoogte blijven.

Gemiddelde scores

204 beoordelingen
  • In totaal 4 / 5
  • Gebruiksgemak 4 / 5
  • Klantenservice 4 / 5
  • Functies 4 / 5
  • Waar voor je geld 4.5 / 5


  • Beginprijs US$ 25,00/maand
    Zie de prijsinformatie
  • Gratis versie Ja
  • Gratis proefversie Ja, vraag een gratis proefversie aan
  • Implementatie Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Mobiel - iOS native
    Mobiel - Android native
  • Training Persoonlijk
    Live online
  • Ondersteuning 24/7 (contact met medewerker)


  • Zoho Projects
  • https://www.zoho.eu/projects
  • Opgericht in 1996

Over Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is de projectmanagementsoftware van Zoho, een merk waarmee 35 miljoen gebruikers online kunnen werken. Zowel grote als kleine bedrijven vanuit elke branche gebruiken de app om op tijd geweldig werk af te leveren. Je kunt je projecten plannen, taken toewijzen, effectief communiceren, nooit een belangrijke update mislopen en gedetailleerde rapporten over de voortgang bekijken.

Functies van Zoho Projects

  • Afhankelijkheden bijhouden
  • Capaciteitscontrole
  • Kleurcodering
  • Mijlpalen bijhouden
  • Sjablonen
  • Slepen en neerzetten
  • Taakbeheer
  • Voortgang bijhouden
  • Waarschuwingen/Meldingen
  • Auditing van problemen
  • Dashboard
  • Escalatiebeheer
  • Kennisbankbeheer
  • Opdrachtenbeheer
  • Projectbeheer
  • Taakbeheer
  • Terugkerende problemen
  • Uitgifteplanning
  • Bestanden delen
  • Databases maken
  • Documenten maken
  • Notitiebeheer
  • Office Suite
  • Presentatietools
  • Projectbeheer
  • Samenwerking
  • Taakbeheer
  • Teamchats
  • Aanpasbare sjablonen
  • Agile-methodiek
  • Budgetbeheer
  • Gantt-grafieken
  • Ideeënbeheer
  • Kanban-bord
  • Klantenportal
  • Kosten van voltooiing bijhouden
  • Mijlpalen bijhouden
  • Portefeuillebeheer
  • Resourcebeheer
  • Samenwerkingstools
  • Tijd en onkosten bijhouden
  • Traditionele methodologieën
  • Gantt-grafieken
  • Kanban-bord
  • Kosten van voltooiing bijhouden
  • Mijlpalen bijhouden
  • Percentage-voltooid bijhouden
  • Priorisering
  • Samenwerkingstools
  • Status bijhouden
  • Tijd en onkosten bijhouden
  • Brainstormen
  • Contactenbeheer
  • Contentbeheer
  • Discussieforums
  • Documentbeheer
  • Kalenderbeheer
  • Projectbeheer
  • Realtime bewerken
  • Taakbeheer
  • Versiebheer
  • Videovergaderen
  • Beheer van terugkerende taken
  • Gamification
  • Gantt-/tijdlijnweergave
  • Mobiele toegang
  • Percentage-voltooid bijhouden
  • Rapportage en analyse
  • Samenwerkingstools
  • Spreadsheetweergave
  • Subtaken maken
  • Takenbordweergave
  • Takenlijstweergave
  • Tijd bijhouden
  • Automatische tijdregistratie
  • Factureerbare en niet-factureerbare uren
  • Factureren
  • Meerdere factureringstarieven
  • Mobiele tijd bijhouden
  • Offline time bijhouden
  • Overurenberekening
  • Roosterbeheer
  • Vakantie en verlof bijhouden
  • Werknemersdatabase
  • Activiteiten volgen
  • Factureren
  • Onkosten bijhouden
  • Projecten bijhouden
  • Tijd bijhouden
  • Tijd bijhouden per klant
  • Tijd bijhouden per project
  • Vergoedingenbeheer

De nuttigste reviews van Zoho Projects

Love this product- others don't compare!

Beoordeeld op 12-12-2017
Roshi P.
Marketing Consultant
Marketing en reclame, Zelfstandig ondernemer
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer 
Bron: SoftwareAdvice
In totaal
4 / 5
4 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
5 / 5
Waar voor je geld
Waarschijnlijkheid van aanbeveling:
Niet waarschijnlijk Zeer waarschijnlijk

Opmerkingen: Love this product and I recommend it for anyone managing something on their own, or with teams. There's just minor improvements, like the Tasks and Time tracking thing I mention above, that need refining.
And while customer service is also great (I can always reach a human),the knowledge base and Help sections needs user experience streamlining.
With the value pricing and the robustness of this product, I will always recommend this product to anyone - and do!

Pluspunten: Clear user design with logical and clear content and category designations. Love that they offer multiple view options for those who, say for example, would rather have a Kaban view over a more linear list breakdown. I have yet to find anything else as clearly user friendly and LOGICAL in organization. A lot of other sites I've used try too hard to be cool and modern, and actually end up causing user confusion with all their different layers. It's exhausting. But with Zoho Projects, I can go in quickly and get what I need! Also love how it interfaces with other Zoho products, such as Invoices, and I can export my time sheets. I love that I can hit a timer on my tasks, too. Overall, it has great standard operations with plenty of options for customization.

Minpunten: Sometimes the invoice functions seem redundant to someone using the Zoho Invoices, and that has caused me to accidentally create some duplicates within Projects (when I was really just trying to create an invoice in Invoices), and I have had to clean up my own mess. That's the one area I think they made things a little more convoluted. I can't think of any other major cons - I've never had issues with this product. I don't use the Bug Tracker at all, so I can't speak to that. In Documents, it's unclear up front whether, when I pull a document in from a cloud, if it's going to sync any changes with that cloud app (like Google Drive, etc), or if it's just importing as is. Their Learning Center is also woefully organized. I can't search any topics, though the visualization videos you first land on are helpful for starters. But the info I REALLY can search is in the general Zoho Getting Started section...those knowledge centers should be merged and not be so confusing. Even the Forums in Projects help, I can't even search a topic on them on the landing page...so odd! And, lastly, it would be so great if Tasks had more Duration options. If it had an option where I could set a Task in HOURS, rather than only Days, then I could actually track something regularly hourly per week as well as track my weekly progress on it. Right now, I can't do that, I have to do that manually :(
And, you can't seem to delete a Duration period once you've put it in (without also setting an end date). what if I just accidentally put in a duration?!

Great platform for the price, but bugs and interface will drive you mad

Beoordeeld op 10-9-2018
Ryan P.
Video Producer and Social Media Marketer
Marketing en reclame, 13-50 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer 
In totaal
3 / 5
4 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
Waar voor je geld
Waarschijnlijkheid van aanbeveling:
Niet waarschijnlijk Zeer waarschijnlijk

Opmerkingen: Zoho Projects is a rare project management software that does all of the things our marketing agency needs it to do at a great price, which is why we've kept it for as long we have. We just wish it was considerably more user-friendly.

Pluspunten: The number of features from Zoho Projects is impressive. Practically every feature we needed for our project management could be done, at a price no other platform could match. You can set billable and non-billable hours, you can clock into a timer for all tasks, and the task creation setup is pretty robust. The interface has improved a ton in the 3 years I've been using the platform, and you can tell the developers are constantly trying to improve stability and features for users.

Minpunten: As great as the features are, the functionality of the software can be quite frustrating. The interface is bland and can be very difficult to navigate. We can usually find what we need but finding it can be quite the challenge. Along with that, some features have head-scratching quirks that we've never been able to figure out. For instance, every time we create a new project it will only add *some* of the managers to the project, instead of all of them, even though there's no difference in their permissions. It's a technically *stable* software, but we often grow envious of other, more functional project management software that's out of our price range.

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