Wat is Retail Pro?

Retail Pro is een flexibel, apparaat-agnostisch beheersoftwareplatform voor de gespecialiseerde detailhandel, met krachtige POS-, aanvul- en voorraadbeheer, promoties, medewerkers- en klantenbeheer, backoffice, prestaties en KPI-rapportagecapaciteiten. Detailhandelaren kunnen Retail Pro gebruiken om gegevensfragmentatie te overwinnen en Retail Pro afstemmen op exacte werkstroom-, branding- en zakelijke behoeften, ongeacht of ze als franchise, bedrijfswinkel, outlet of multi-filiaal werken, waar ook ter wereld.

Wie gebruikt Retail Pro?

Retail Pro wordt vertrouwd door meer dan 159.000 gebruikers in gespecialiseerde detailhandel-verticals zoals kleding, schoeisel, luxe-artikelen, elektronica, geschenken, speelgoed, duurzame goederen, woninginrichting, sieraden, sportartikelen en meer.

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Retail Pro

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Retail Pro
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Retail Pro Administrator in VS
Detailhandel, 201-500 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
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Bron: SoftwareAdvice

Retail Pro 9

5,0 5 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: I have been a Retail Pro Admin now for years. I know that if I ever have an issue pop up, I can call my RPro business partner at any time of the day, even 2 am, which I have done. I get the same high quality and knowledgeable support I need at the time.


It’s ability to provide a one-stop shop. It has everything a business needs to succeed as software goes. Along with it knowledgeable business partners is an excellent choice to support your retail business


New more knowledge based support. When I access my portal, the limited amount of user information is disappointing

Jose Miguel
Jose Miguel
Software Development Team Manager in El Salvador
Geverifieerde LinkedIn-gebruiker
Computersoftware, 11-50 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
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Overwogen alternatieven:

Full Stack Retial Software

4,0 3 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: I install Retail Pro for several Clients in America, with different requirements and Retail Verticals, but one common requirement is allow software to connect with thier ERP, and with the Retail Pro strong API, you can accomplish this. So, my experience has been mostly very positive.


I've been using Retail Pro since version 8 and now We are on Prism, which is a huge update and change of mind for Retail Pro user... but for the good. Retail Pro Prism its a store distributed web application now, with this I mean that you can have one Retail Pro server per store, in a multi store chain kind of business. As a web application, it uses AngularJS as a front end, allowing a incredible flexibility to customize the User Interface, so you can create your own look and feel for the system, not only for the Cashier view, but for all the modules. About that, you have: - Inventory - Vendors and Purchases - Transfers - Customers - POS - Physical Inventory - Inventory Adjustments - Customer Loyalty So, you see... It is the full package. One more thing: their global support with their partners around the globe will give your peace of mind for your multi store chain in almost any country, to name a few (Full North/Central/South America, Full EU, Some EMEA, Full ASIA, some Africa).


Cost, period... But you are paying a Porsche for a Porsche, you know what I mean. This is a serious Retail software, for serious Retail business. You can use it in small business as well, as its perfectly scalable. So, If you foresee a bright future in your Retail Business, you can bet on Retail Pro.

Owner in VS
Detailhandel, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer
Bron: SoftwareAdvice

Retail Pro is a trap! If you are a small business- RUN!

3,0 4 weken geleden Nieuw

Opmerkingen: I feel as though the company that sold it to me years ago completely took advantage. This product should not be sold to a startup or very small business. And the cost to maintain it should be clearly started before purchase. Thousands per year to maintain with software assurance and support ! I was recently quoted $15,000-$20,000 to upgrade and migrate from version 8.5 to prisim! Shame on you Retail Pro! I am extremely upset! Now I am stuck looking at new systems and pretty much starting over from scratch. Retail pro is a TRAP! Run for dear life!


I have used retail pro v8.5 for many many years. It had been reliable for the most part


COST!!!! It is way too expensive to maintain for a small business. I have been stuck in this software for years unable to update or upgrade it anything . Difficult to migrate to a new POS system because would lose historical data. I feel bamboozled!

Heeft de software gebruikt voor: Niet verstrekt
Bron van de reviewer
Bron: SoftwareAdvice

I'm a managing partner and CIO.

4,5 9 jaar geleden


It does 90% of everything we want & need. Frankly, that other 10% is probably unrealistic without custom programming. We get awesome tech support when needed, and I especially love the live chat feature that lets us ask quick questions. The product is very quick and easy to train an employee on and setting up levels of permission is awesome. We're able to delegate job duties easily with the different features. Receiving is a perfect example. That workstation is set up to be used completely differently than our cash registers. For example, we have three cash registers our of eight total machines running Retail Pro. Each has a unique function, and the software works well in supporting those varied functions simultaneously.


Some of the more intricate details of the software take quite a while to learn. It's easy for an average sales associate to use the main functions, but some of the higher level features get complex. The software can be "quirky" with some old features that were added on to, so there are features that are not intuitive. An example is polling: some things happen automatically and others require initialization. Like every time we add an employee to the system, it's a process to get them into other locations and requires higher-level knowledge.

Project Manager in Egypte
, 51-200 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer

i'm working with retail pro since 2013, it was wonderful experience.

4,0 5 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: i got the knowledge that gave me the chance to implement and support our customer in the market, very important thing is that i learned how business operate with one of the biggest retail solution ever


very powerful inventory management solution, full of function and features. the second thing is the scalability and durability the solution can support large number of stores & POSs in one big database "oracle database".


it takes much time to recover database especially in the main server, 2nd thing when upgrade from old release to a new one with large number of stores and POSs.