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Small and mid-sized businesses across a variety of industries that are looking for an ERP solution to seamlessly manage their business and grow sales.

Wat is Kloudville?

Kloudville is an all-in-one ERP solution that works for wholesalers and distributors as well as e-commerce retailers. This
cloud-based solution scales with your business and includes features like inventory and order management, catalog management, business analytics and it also provides complete visibility into all your customer interactions. Start a free trial today to see how Kloudville can help you manage your entire business seamlessly.

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Opgericht in 2013

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  • 24/7 (contact met medewerker)
  • Kantooruren
  • Online


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web


  • Persoonlijk
  • Live online
  • Webinars
  • Documentatie

Functies van Kloudville

  • Activabeheersysteem voor bedrijven
  • CRM
  • Distributiebeheer
  • Financieel beheer
  • HR-beheer
  • Inkooporderbeheer
  • Magazijnbeheer
  • Orderbeheer
  • Projectbeheer
  • Rapportage en analyse
  • Supply-chainbeheer
  • Voorraadbeheer

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  • Compatibiliteit met mobiele verbindingen
  • Compatibiliteit met vaste lijn
  • Contractonderhandelingen
  • Controle van oproepen
  • Factureren voor data
  • Factureren voor spraak
  • Interne kostentoerekening
  • Rapportage over gebruik
  • Terugvorderingen volgen

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  • Beheer van meerdere kanalen
  • Beheer van productievoorraad
  • Beheer van retailvoorraad
  • Kitting
  • Leveranciersbeheer
  • Magazijnbeheer
  • Mobiele toegang
  • Nabestellingbeheer
  • Productidentificatie
  • Prognose
  • Rapportage en analyse
  • Voorraadoptimalisatie
  • Waarschuwingen/Meldingen

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Gebruiksgemak 5
Klantenservice 5
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Waar voor je geld 5

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    5 /5
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  • Beoordeeld op 11-5-2017

"Great experience"

Opmerkingen: I was able to centralize all accounting process in one platform. It saved me the hassle of having to chase project managers for approvals via the workflow. Another thing I really liked about the workflow was the time stamping feature. This way we can see whom has completed what task on what day, which really helps in pinpointing where delays.

Pluspunten: This software makes order management simple. As an accountant, this is my biggest headache. This process used to be a multi-step process, which Kloudville has simplified in one easy step.The company went far enough to even help me integrate
e, which saves me the duplication in work. Billing management was also a big pain point in our department. Chasing collections is often a difficult task, as several clients would need to be contacted. Kloudville has simplified this in one click, which saves me time to focus on other things. Lastly Kloudville has taken the grief out of dealing with expense reports. There would be occasions where I would lose track of expenses and forget to process some employee expenses. Kloudville has centralized all of my expenses in one easy place. This way I am able to ensure that all employees are paid. It has also saved me the trouble of chasing project managers for approvals as they are now included in the Kloudville expense approval process. Compared to Netsuite, Kloudville offers a similar package for a fraction of the cost.

Minpunten: Kloudville Business Suite offers modules that are not relevant to our industry. We don't use these functionalities such as email marketing, subscriptions management, and issue management. But I would definitely take more functionality than less.

Antwoord van de leverancier

van Kloudville op 11-5-2017

We're glad to hear about your positive experience.

Thank you for sharing!

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  • Beoordeeld op 11-5-2017