Wat is eHopper?

eHopper is een gratis POS-systeem voor Windows-pc's, Android, iPad, Poynt mobiele terminal. eHopper is geschikt voor kleine bedrijven zoals quick-service restaurants, winkels, koffiezaakjes, bakkerijen, cafés, bars, slijterijen, foodtrucks en elk andere retailbedrijf dat op zoek is naar een geconsolideerde oplossing om de activiteiten te versnellen en hun bedrijf te laten groeien. Belangrijkste kenmerken: Orderbeheer Klantenbeheer Voorraadbeheer Medewerkersbeheer Betalingen Loyaliteit Betaalbewijzen Afdrukken van betaalbewijzen/keukenbonnen

Wie gebruikt eHopper?

Kleine en middelgrote bedrijven, zoals quick-service restaurants, koffiezaakjes, bakkerijen, cafés, bars, slijterijen, foodtrucks, ijssalons, vape-winkels, winkels of pop-upkiosken.

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US$ 79,00
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Point Of Sale Deployment Manager in VS
Geverifieerde LinkedIn-gebruiker
Financiële dienstverlening, 51-200 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
Bron van de reviewer

Great Company, Great Software, Awesome Service

5,0 4 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: Ehopper has awesome support, they listen and are very fast at resolving issues. They will train you as many times as needed to ensure you and your staff can utilize every bit of the software to enhance your user experience and make sure your business runs smoothly. They have competitive pricing and are always adding new features and functions to help businesses grow and thrive.


This software is easy to use and has everything a business needs to stay organized and up to date with their software in todays day and age. They are constantly evolving and stay competitive in the POS industry as a leader in POS technology.


They are missing a few features for fullservice restuarants but plan on adding them in the future.

Detailhandel, Zelfstandig ondernemer
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
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Overwogen alternatieven:

Best System

5,0 6 maanden geleden


I love everything that ehopper does and has to offer.


I don't have anything to say about the least because I love it!!

Owner in Canada
Levensmiddelen- en drankenindustrie, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer

Used be a good one; however, now it is horrible

2,0 3 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: Will be GLAD TO LEAVE this POS asap due to a terrible customer support.


Back in 2018 the support was awesome, they went an extra mile in order to sustify their customers.


Now is 2020 the customer support is the worst in the world. For example, [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] (if you hear her name, pls hang up and don't waiste your time!!) she waisted 20+ mins of my precious time, she accused me that I'm not paying for the software, as well as she cannot find mb e in the system and stated that I'm a free member who is NOT going to get help. On my question how about the monthly charges for 2 registers that I'm paying for 2 years, she retorted it is for the devices (however, the devices were paid in full 2 years ago!) I cannot believe they hired her. If you got a dummiest technician on the phone, like I did on May 12th, whose answers are "... I can't find an article... I don't know the answer...!" That's the sing to LEAVE this company. On my request to transfer my phone call to a manager, I got yelled by [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and he screamed at me like a crazy person. That the real face of the technical support right now in 2020.

Geverifieerde reviewer
Owner/Operator in VS
Geverifieerde LinkedIn-gebruiker
Detailhandel, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer

eHopper customer experience

4,0 4 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: For the most part, the service fills our need at this time.


We have a convenience store and the inventory management can be very helpful. Also the customer service is very good.


There are a few small programming options that would be helpful. For example, after the last update they took away the ability to turn off the receipt printing so that we didn't have the "uncheck" that option after every single transaction. We are in a small community and don't have much traffic but with 100 transactions per day that's 100 times we have to click a button. It's not a huge deal but there are just little things like that they overlook I think.

Reactie eHopper

4 jaar geleden

Hi, We'd love to hear more, specifically, about your need to uncheck the receipt printing option. If you could contact us, at your convenience, perhaps there's a work around we can set up for you. Just reply here, or reach out to our Support line. I really appreciate you taking the time to provide us this feedback.Let's see how we can help!

Finance Coordinator in Canada
Evenementenbureaus, 11-50 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1-5 maanden
Bron van de reviewer

Great for large-scale events!

5,0 4 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: My overall experience was good, except for my credit card being charged for another month of full access to the software. I had made it abundantly clear I only needed the license for 1 month and nowhere did it say the license would auto-renewed/charge my credit card. Further to that when speaking to support (I did that a lot), I was told that access to the software would automatically cease after my month was up if I didn't make another payment before then -- this was exactly what I wanted and had no reason not to trust what eHopper told me. That has unfortunately left me a bit disappointed and not too keen on doing business with the company again if I fair resolution to the issue can't be accomplished.


What I like most about this software is the user-friendly interface both for the back office and pos software on tablets. Also a big bonus is syncing in real-time as it allows me to share information with my team on the progress of our event. One of the biggest motivators to a team that received almost 15,000 guests is hearing how much of each product was sold because it's more than just a number. What has to be taken into consideration is the kitchen staff, our food line servers, and the prep work leading up to our event. . . all things that contributed to our numbers/sales.


I'd have to say the transaction warnings. I had paid for the full license but some of my cashiers (1 had 4), were locked out of the POS software. During a weeklong event that saw 15,000 patrons that was a nightmare. Thankfully, eHopper support (Monsur and his manager) came to the rescue and set up backup accounts for us and my trouble-shooting helped get us back up and running.