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Companies with more than 100 employees looking to streamline their HRIS process with a single database for HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance management and reporting.

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  • Beginprijs US$ 10.000,00/eenmalig
  • Gratis versie Nee
  • Gratis proefversie Ja
  • Implementatie Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Geïnstalleerd - Windows
  • Training Persoonlijk
    Live online
  • Ondersteuning 24/7 (contact met medewerker)


  • Optimum Solutions
  • http://www.optimumhris.com
  • Opgericht in 1981

Over Optimum HR

Starting at $10,000, Optimum HRIS offers cloud-based (OptiCloud) and in-house systems for Microsoft Windows & IBM AS/400 platforms. Our software includes Optimum Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance.

We specialize in helping companies with 100+ employees easily manage the difficult & cumbersome tasks of HR record-keeping & government reporting. Featuring a fully integrated single database, Optimum HRIS is a total solution for cost-effective HRIS management - learn more!

Functies van Optimum HR

  • 360-gradenfeedback
  • Aanstellen (van personeel)
  • Beheer van verlofuren
  • Beheer van voordelen
  • Payrollbeheer
  • Prestatiebeheer
  • Schadevergoedingsbeheer
  • Tijd- en aanwezigheidsbeheer
  • Volgen van sollicitanten
  • Werknemersdatabase
  • Werknemersprofielen
  • Wervingsbeheer
  • Zelfserviceportal

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De nuttigste reviews van Optimum HR

Scheduling drama

Beoordeeld op 14-3-2016
Leanna C.
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In totaal
3 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
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Opmerkingen: From the beginning (2008) we believed this product would be an upgrade from the product we were currently using. However, we found out shortly after we started training that it was in fact way behind the product we had been using. That was a bit frustrating for me. We have 250+ employees and the ease of the Time and Attendance portion of your product was not very useful. It still takes longer than I would like to edit the punches and make changes to the employee time cards. The schedules don't allow a lot of wiggle room. (ex. if the employee takes a lunch earlier or later than "scheduled" it appears on 2 lines and becomes an edit, and the same with the in punch too early or outside the "schedule" it becomes an edit.)
The payroll processing it super good especially if you have automatic times cards with I do for my machine shop. And the supervisor payroll is all automatic so they are pretty much error free. I have issues of using the Rate Table for our insurance premiums and then when the employee doesn't make the entire premium payment, I have to run an entirely different report to see that. I would like to see it print on the deduction deviation report along with the other benefits and deductions that does not get taken from the employee check it would just make sense that way. This Software is always trial and error and has been from the beginning. Improvements are coming often and I would really like to see it all become more user friendly and less time consuming.

Optimum Soluitions

Beoordeeld op 22-3-2016
Calixto R.
Vice President/Administrator
Bron van de reviewer 
In totaal
5 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
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Opmerkingen: Overall, Optimum Solutions provides a phenomenal HR/Payroll program that is easy to use. With respect to "pros", Optimum Solutions' customer services is outstanding - particularly Mr. Dave Collazo; who is always there to assist me with any questions I may have. Should he not be immediately available, he is always good at returning my phone calls and/or answering my emails. The only con that I can think of regarding Optimum is the many bugs that seem to pop up from time to time. For example, on PTO cash-outs, any amount of hours cashed is not automatically deducted from the PTO bank; thereby requiring that I manually deduct the hours cashed-out. Also, for some unknown reason, we always receive a scheduling error on Saturdays and Sundays; which also require manual correction. Please note that there are other minor bugs - nothing we can't cope with; but it would be nice if the errors could be eliminated. Several copies of our database have been sent to Optimum with no avail. In light of these minor issues, I still continue to praise Optimum and its customer service; and will recommend it to anyone looking for HR/payroll software. Thanks!!! - Cal.

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