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Doxim CRM is targeted at North American Banks, Community Banks and Credit Unions with total assets ranging from $100 million to $50 billion.

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  • Implementatie Cloud, SaaS, Web
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  • Doxim
  • Opgericht in 2000

Over Doxim CRM

Doxim CRM was designed to meet specific needs of Banks and Credit Unions. Experience the benefits of CRM created specifically for you. Automate personalized sales and service offers at all touch points. Empower staff with a 360 view of customer activities and interactions. Develop a deeper understanding of your customer base, and take action to increase revenue and loyalty. Integrates fully with the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform for end-to-end customer experience management.

Functies van Doxim CRM

  • Documenten opslaan
  • E-mailmarketing
  • Integratie van marketingautomatisering
  • Integratie van sociale media
  • Interne chatintegratie
  • Kalender-/herinneringssysteem
  • Leadscoring
  • Mobiele toegang
  • Offertes en voorstellen
  • Segmentering
  • Taakbeheer
  • Territoriumbeheer
  • Accountwaarschuwingen
  • Assetbeheer
  • Huishouduitgaven bijhouden
  • Invloed bijhouden
  • Leads beheren
  • Marketingmanagement
  • Onkosten bijhouden
  • Relaties bijhouden
  • Teamopdrachten
  • Territoriumbeheer

De nuttigste reviews van Doxim CRM

Fantastic CRM Solution

Beoordeeld op 21-4-2016
Jason H.
Manager of Retail Technology
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In totaal
Functies en functionaliteit
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Opmerkingen: Doxim's ACE solution is by far the best solution for a CRM system that PCCU could have hoped for. It offers power and flexibility beyond many competitors far above it's price point and the support for their product is absolutely first rate. They take a very collaborative approach when it comes to developing the product and it truly is, in many respects, a solution for Credit Unions by Credit Unions. That being said, the Doxim team is very open to working with you to customize the solution in whatever way your company wants and needs and when paired with their Cognito data warehouse solution provides very timely and powerful reporting. Within just 3 months of our initial roll-out 8 years ago our staff were constantly telling us they could not imagine how they did their job without ACE and that sentiment holds true today. Our only complaint about the system, and it's extremely minor, is that it's not a web based solution. Having said that, of course, that is where the next version of the CRM is headed and we are looking forward to testing and deploying that solution quite a bit. I could not recommend any product more highly.

Excellent Product

Beoordeeld op 22-4-2016
Matt H.
Project Specialist
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In totaal
Functies en functionaliteit
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Opmerkingen: Doxim's CRM system plays a vital role in our organizations day to day operations. The capabilities ensure our staff is able to provide excellent service to all of our members. The document generation feature enables staff to focus on the member rather than paperwork and the automation of the campaign manager helps managers get large amounts of task out quickly. The user interface is straight forward and easy to use, new staff can generally grasp the flow of the program quickly. Customer support is always an email or call away and is usually prompt. Doxim is always looking to improve their already great product and gather input from many users to help improve any aspects of the software.

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