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  • Beginprijs US$ 121,00/maand
  • Gratis versie Nee
  • Gratis proefversie Ja
  • Implementatie Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Training Persoonlijk
    Live online
  • Ondersteuning Kantooruren


  • KPMG
  • http://www.bookly.co
  • Opgericht in 2013

Over KPMG Spark

KPMG Spark is an online bookkeeping service designed for small business owners. We pair you with a dedicated bookkeeper and our software so we can handle your books for you.

Securely send your data to your bookkeeping team automatically by connecting your bank accounts, credit cards and third party integrations to the app. Moving forward your bookkeeping team will ensure your financials are up to date, payroll is delivered, and taxes are filed. Allowing you to do more of what you love.


Functies van KPMG Spark

  • Accountancybedrijven
  • Beheer van vaste activa
  • Belastingbeheer
  • Crediteuren
  • Debiteuren
  • Factureren
  • Fondsadministratie
  • Inkooporders
  • Nonprofits
  • Onkosten bijhouden
  • Overheidsinstellingen
  • Payrollbeheer
  • Projectadministratie
  • Toetsing van bankgegevens

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Alas...I've been saved!!!!`

Beoordeeld op 2-3-2017
Danielle P.
Restaurants, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 6-12 maanden
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5 / 5
5 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
5 / 5
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Opmerkingen: As a restaurant owner, I have no time (literally if i want to sleep!) to input all my sales/spending info so at the end of the month I can see where all my money went! This company syncs up to your bank account, gets your sales data and inputs everything so that I can see in one shot where my money is actually going and where I could use some help! Everyone that works over there has been so patient and helpful...I feel like God has finally answered my prayers! It's so easy and I mean we text back and forth!!! I don't have to answer phone calls and sit on phone sessions for hours to figure anything out..and if they have questions I answer them when I can!! I don't have to play phone tag to get my accountant on the phone! It's all done online. I do wish that they had a phone app (but they have assured me they are working on one!) This company has saved me and my tax accountant is so thankful for them!! They also do taxes but opted out of that for my business! In one sign in I can see what my business is worth and my net income. I use to do all this on my own but literally just have excel spreadsheets with data...and that's it nothing really to go on much other than totals for the week or the month! It wasn't telling me anything, I felt just more of wasting my time! This company uses everything; my spending, my income...categorizes it and then helps me see where I am spending too much and how it's affecting my overall net worth! I recommend this to everyone and anyone looking to streamline their business!

Pluspunten: It's so easy to use and I love that we text back and forth!

Minpunten: I think it's more personal, but I do wish they would send me a text or an email when they ask me questions...otherwise I guess I need to just get into the habit of checking it more habitually!

Not for everyone. Software and Support are excellent, but not geared to my business needs.

Beoordeeld op 21-6-2018
Joanne L.
Visiting Associate Professor
Hoger onderwijs
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 6-12 maanden
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4 / 5
2 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
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3 / 5
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Opmerkingen: First, it's not only software, there is a person at the company that is assigned to you and knowledgable about your account.
It helped me to get on top of my finances and get them organized. However, it's more for business and does not meet my needs. I switched to managing budgets and transactions at YNAB.

Pluspunten: What I liked most was that I had a dedicated bookkeeper that I could work with, who was available and accessible. The software and communications process was easy. I didn't wast time trying to track anyone down. Response times are great. Everyone was easy to talk to and to work with. Polite, helpful, and responsive.

Minpunten: My "business" is low transaction with over fewer than 10 bank accounts. One account is a business account, the others (linked) are personal accounts. The issues I ran into are: 1) I needed reports by each of the accounts, that was not easily generated by bookly, my dedicated person had to do it manually. It was wonderful that they did, but it wasn't always correct (because it needed a lot of info from me) and so the reports weren't as useful as I had hoped. 2) Unforeseen problems: The "view only" access to my (personal) bank accounts triggered major problems. That second username triggered all my lined accounts to be unlinked and auto-payments stopped. I was NOT notified by the bank! My mortgage was late and I have to live with remove the late mark on my credit report. 3)Taxes: I wanted to submit them on time had my information to Bookly well in advance of April 15. They were not done on time, and they only have paper submissions now, so I had to print and mail all the forms. Furthermore, because they are submitted on paper, it takes several more weeks to have them processed by the IRS (and probably the states too).

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