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Owners/managers of campgrounds or RV resorts who would like to transition to a computerized reservation system. With the Cloud system remote reservations are easily supported.

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  • Gebruiksgemak 5 / 5
  • Klantenservice 5 / 5
  • Functies 4.5 / 5
  • Waar voor je geld 5 / 5


  • Beginprijs US$ 15,00/maand
  • Prijsinformatie $15 per month in cloud for 50 sites. $25 for cd.
  • Gratis versie Ja
  • Gratis proefversie Ja
  • Implementatie Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Geïnstalleerd - Windows
  • Training Documentatie
  • Ondersteuning Kantooruren


  • Open Campground
  • http://opencampground.com/
  • Opgericht in 2007

Over Open Campground

A simple to use campground reservation system either on your desktop or in the cloud. Inexpensive or even free. The system handles reservations and customer information and ensures sites are not double booked. You can run the system on your computer or have the system as a service (Open Campground in the Cloud). Supports 13 different locales. Cloud system costs thirty cents per site per month (minimum $15). CD for your own computer is $25. Demo on website.

Functies van Open Campground

  • Assetbeheer
  • Energierekeningen
  • In- en uitchecken
  • Multilocatie
  • Online reserveren
  • Sitemaps
  • Staanplaatsreserveringsbeheer
  • Vergunningenbeheer
  • Verhuurbeheer
  • Verkooppunt
  • CRM
  • Groepsreserveringen
  • Klantenondersteuning
  • Notities bij reserveringen
  • Promotiebeheer
  • Reserveren van activiteiten
  • Reservering door derden
  • Reserveringsbeheer voor kamers
  • Tariefbeheer

De nuttigste reviews van Open Campground

OPEN CAMPGROUND...is the Best for Small Campgrounds.

Beoordeeld op 26-2-2019
Sherry S.
Vrije tijd, reizen en toerisme, Zelfstandig ondernemer
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
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5 / 5
5 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
5 / 5
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Opmerkingen: I never have double bookings any more with this system. Love being able to easily send update emails or reminder emails, which is handy when folks book a month or two or more in advance.
LOVE LOVE the group reservation. So handy since I have many groups a year reserving 10 or more sites.
The fact the Norm is only as far away as my computer keyboard - he is so quick to answer/resolve any issues I am confronted with. He can fix anything.

Pluspunten: 1. Ease of entering data
2. Ease of setting up rates, etc.
3. Ease of adjusting it to fit my needs
4. Quick responses from Norm when I have a question.
5. Love using CardConnect for my credit card processing.

Minpunten: I have no cons regarding Open Campground, now after three years I've got it totally figured out and working for me efficiently.

Good program overall

Beoordeeld op 24-5-2015
Love J.
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In totaal
4 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
Waar voor je geld

Opmerkingen: The main PRO for Open Campground is cost. From there it is ease of use. It does all of the basics you need for a small park. There are some CONS however. Some of the reports don't work like they should and managing measured add-ons is problematic. The one CON that makes the software almost unusable is the inability to extend a stay beyond a single day at a time. This is a major flaw. You are able to set up rates based on one day, one week or one month but the only increment the software allows is one day at a time. So if you have a camper that comes in for a week and then decides to stay three more days, as an example, you have to do it one day at a time. Worse yet, if you have a special rate for a weeks stay and the camper decides to stay another week the software will not allow you to extend the stay at that rate even day by day. So you have check the guest out and then do a whole new reservation for the additional week. This flaw also applies to monthly stays as well. So if you have a park full of guests that want to extend their stay beyond one day you are stuck doing hours of work checking out and checking back in guests! Other than that, it does what it does and for the price, well, it has its uses. However, over time the hours required to do all of the extra work for stay extensions may justify spending the crazy prices for other campground software packages.

Antwoord van de leverancier

van Open Campground op 24-5-2015

The extend button is not the only way to extend a stay. One can simply 'show' the reservation and change the dates of the stay. The extend button is only intended for a one or two day extension. You do not have to do a new reservation to change the dates of the reservation.

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