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Meer dan 50.000 teams gebruiken ActiveCollab om hun projecten te beheren en de productiviteit te verhogen. Digitale agentschappen, technische bedrijven, universiteiten en ontwerpstudio's gebruiken dagelijks ActiveCollab.

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335 beoordelingen
  • In totaal 4.5 / 5
  • Gebruiksgemak 4.5 / 5
  • Klantenservice 4.5 / 5
  • Functies 4 / 5
  • Waar voor je geld 4.5 / 5


  • Beginprijs US$ 6,25/maand
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  • Gratis versie Nee
  • Gratis proefversie Ja, vraag een gratis proefversie aan
  • Implementatie Geïnstalleerd - Mac
    Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Geïnstalleerd - Windows
    Mobiel - iOS native
    Mobiel - Android native
  • Training Live online
  • Ondersteuning Kantooruren


  • Active Collab
  • http://www.activecollab.com/
  • Opgericht in 2007

Over ActiveCollab

Met ActiveCollab hoef je minder ballen hoog te houden en kun je meer tijd besteden aan je echte werk!
ActiveCollab is uitgerust met exact de juiste set functies om je zonder afleidingen gericht te houden op je werk: tijdregistratie, taakafhankelijkheden en automatisch opnieuw inplannen, facturering, samenwerkingsopties, integraties met derden.
ActiveCollab wordt gebruikt door teams en bedrijven van alle achtergronden en groottes – van grote teams in internationale bedrijven tot kleine startups en alles daartussenin.

Functies van ActiveCollab

  • Aanmaningsbeheer
  • Aanpasbare facturen
  • Belastingcalculator
  • Betalingen verwerken
  • Contactendatabase
  • Factureren per uur
  • Facturering op terugkerende basis en op abonnementbasis
  • Facturering van onvoorziene gevallen
  • Factureringsportal
  • Meerdere valuta's
  • Mobiele betalingen
  • Online betalingen
  • Online facturering
  • Projectfacturering
  • Budgettering en prognoses
  • Doelen stellen en bijhouden
  • Marketingkalender
  • Mediaplanning
  • Predictieve analyse
  • Presentatietools
  • Projecten bijhouden
  • Samenwerking
  • Stroomdiagram
  • Uitgavenbeheer
  • Ideeënbeheer
  • Mijlpalen bijhouden
  • Priorisering
  • Releasebeheer
  • Resourcebeheer
  • Roadmaps van producten
  • Samenwerking
  • Vereistenbeheer
  • Verzamelen van feedback
  • Workflowbeheer
  • Bestanden delen
  • Databases maken
  • Documenten maken
  • Notitiebeheer
  • Office Suite
  • Presentatietools
  • Projectbeheer
  • Samenwerking
  • Taakbeheer
  • Teamchats
  • Aanpasbare sjablonen
  • Agile-methodiek
  • Budgetbeheer
  • Gantt-grafieken
  • Ideeënbeheer
  • Kanban-bord
  • Klantenportal
  • Kosten van voltooiing bijhouden
  • Mijlpalen bijhouden
  • Portefeuillebeheer
  • Resourcebeheer
  • Samenwerkingstools
  • Tijd en onkosten bijhouden
  • Traditionele methodologieën
  • Bestanden delen
  • Campagnebehee
  • Documentbeheer
  • Projectbeheer
  • Samenwerking
  • Taakbeheer
  • Tijd bijhouden
  • Brainstormen
  • Contactenbeheer
  • Contentbeheer
  • Discussieforums
  • Documentbeheer
  • Kalenderbeheer
  • Projectbeheer
  • Realtime bewerken
  • Taakbeheer
  • Versiebheer
  • Videovergaderen
  • Beheer van terugkerende taken
  • Gamification
  • Gantt-/tijdlijnweergave
  • Mobiele toegang
  • Percentage-voltooid bijhouden
  • Rapportage en analyse
  • Samenwerkingstools
  • Spreadsheetweergave
  • Subtaken maken
  • Takenbordweergave
  • Takenlijstweergave
  • Tijd bijhouden

De nuttigste reviews van ActiveCollab

Great, but a lot of improvements can be made.

Beoordeeld op 12-12-2018
Sinoun C.
Internet, 2-10 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
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In totaal
5 / 5
4 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
5 / 5
5 / 5
Waar voor je geld
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Opmerkingen: Overall, I like ActiveCollab, but I want to so bad love it more. There is a lot of potential with AC and room for improvement, and I really hope they listen to people's suggestions and needs! Either way, I do highly recommend ActiveCollab, especially if you're a web designer like me who manages hundreds of sites.

Pluspunten: Before I decided to go with ActiveCollab a few years ago, I researched and tried all the project management softwares I could find. I ended up going with ActiveCollab for a number of reasons. One, their interface is simple, practical, and easy on the eye. I found other project management softwares trying to hard and it essentially complicated simple things. Also, I loved how my projects can be displayed and searched. I know this sounds trivial, but when you manage hundreds of projects (websites), I need an interface that works for me. Their interface works perfectly for someone with my needs. I constantly have to go back and forth on so many notes for projects and ActiveCollab has made it user-friendly for me to do this. Second, ActiveCollab had awesome customer service when I had any issues or questions. This was a big plus because I then knew I was in good hands. Third, they had some add-ons other softwares didn't have so it was nice to have features I wanted to use all in one place, like time tracking and invoicing. Fourth, it was reasonably priced.

Minpunten: While I went with ActiveCollab, I am still frustrated with some of their features: One, I use notes A LOT. Their notes interface design looks like something from the 90's. Two, while they have the invoicing option available, it's sub-par. There are a lot of things they can improve with their invoicing. I wish I could use it, but it's just very limited. An example of a limitation is that you can't even enter or send an invoice without "inviting" the client to join ActiveCollab. I tried testing an invoice by putting an email manually because they claimed you could, but nothing gets sent, unless I "invite" someone into my account. This is silly. Another issue I have with the invoicing is that it shows "Active Collab" as the sender and you do NOT have the option to change this. Kinda stupid. Three, you only have a measly 3 ways to categorize or filter projects: Client, Category, and Label. This can be very limiting depending on what you're doing.

This system is the very bedrock of client collaboration in our company. We simply need it.

Beoordeeld op 9-3-2018
Joshua D.
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer 
In totaal
5 / 5
4 / 5
Functies en functionaliteit
4 / 5
5 / 5
Waar voor je geld

Pluspunten: Diversity of features. It covers calendar integration, task management, expense and time tracking, client estimates and invoicing is integrated, discussions with clients are threaded and neatly organized at all times, file uploads that act as a mini-Dropbox for yourself and your clients, notes, facebook-style timeline of the activity within each project... And I haven't even touched on the level of customization, multitude of extensions (Zapier included), scalability (with self-hosted options!), and the iOS app that works with either cloud or self-hosted versions (our clients LOVE the app). We love ActiveCollab because of it's diversity. That's the one reason that in our opinion, it's simply irreplaceable. Having to replace it would be like adding tripling the administrative work on our plates. It replaces the need for multiple separate services that do each of those things separately. Who wants that when you can have one single login to one single system that can rule them all? ;) SIMPLY. IRREPLACEABLE.

Minpunten: The iOS and Android apps needs some work. They don't do as much as the desktop version, so they feel limited. They don't really take advantage of features like gestures or multi-touch, which every smartphone has. We'd really like to be able to upload more than just pictures from the camera roll; some kind of file picking, or option to upload to ActiveCollab from another app (share sheets) would go a LONG way. Optimization for tablet-size screens would be sweet too, along with the simple ability to make text in the app bigger or smaller, so it's easier to read. The calendar allows for syndication via subscription links, but stopping there feels premature. It would help a lot to be able to integrate to Calendar apps (via CalDAV), since the calendar isn't available on the mobile app either. It would be really nice so that we can add or edit events from our native calendar apps of choice. Support is fantastic, and extremely knowledgeable. We run a self-hosted installation, which is more economical for us, but we don't have pros running our server environment. That task falls on us, teaching ourselves as we go, and it feels like support will drop clues about what an issue is, instead of going the distance and going in themselves to help fix the problem. Granted, that's more of a problem with /us/, since we're business administrators and not experts in server management. But support will not abandon you. They've always got your back, no matter how tough the problem!

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