Trackimo provides the GPS Tracking solutions we need

Beoordeeld op 24-8-2019
Steve B.
Horeca, 51-200 werknemers
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Opmerkingen: We had researched various options for tracking our moving equipment. We needed something small and concealable. Additionally, we needed the precision and range of GPS and not the variance or limits of triangulation or beacon technology. Additionally, as our equipment doesn't have a constant power source, we need something that could recharge when in use but run on battery for some time afterward. Trackimo was the best option we found -- better than Verizon Connect, Estimote, or others we investigated.

Pluspunten: Trackimo integrates well with Firebase, allows a GPS and triangulation location data, and the devices allow customized functionality from the web.

Minpunten: We would prefer the option to select or de-select GPS, triangulation, or both.