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Over CareClinic

AI-based health platform that enables providers to create self-care action plans for their charges as well as monitor chronic diseases.

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Business Analyst in VS
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Gezondheid, wellness en fitness, 2-10 werknemers
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Self care organized

5 3 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: Care Clinic allows me to gauge the value of my supplements and wellness activities. Supplements and activities can become expensive so having a tool like Care Clinic helps judge the value of them.


Care Clinic helps me stay organized with my health regimen. I have always looked for a supplement/activity tracker but could not find anything as robust as this. Care Clinic helps me track what I am doing, so I could be less forgetful. Also, I can connect different factors of my wellbeing using Care Clinic.


Nutrition library can be improved, having a more developed food library can be important to tracking self-care.

Reactie CareClinic

3 jaar geleden

We will be releasing a much more comprehensive food & nutrition update soon.

Jaime I.
CRO in Canada
Kapitaalmarkten, 2-10 werknemers
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5 2 jaar geleden


Great way to help my parents organize and maximize their health. With the medications they are taking, sometimes the GP doesn't mention all the side effects or takes the time to customize the prescriptions so they don't conflict which sometimes causes unnecessary side effects. Now we have the resource to question ourselves and take responsibility in our own hands.


haven't found anything yet but good to know that i can contact support if i need to.