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Advanced Web Ranking

Good for starters but includes only basic functionality

Beoordeeld op 13-1-2016
Stepan E.
Marketing Manager
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Opmerkingen: AWR is a tool for monitoring website ranking in search engines. All of the comments below refer to the state of the cloud tool for 2013-2014 when I used it. Pros: it allows you to track your website in multiple search engines and countries for certain keywords daily/weekly/monthly. You can manage multiple websites and compare your positions with those of your competitors. The customer support is great - they're always ready to help you out, and response time is quick. Cons: keyword organization in groups is hard to implement - the interface is sometimes tricky to use. The tool lacks some functionality that many other SEO tools have, like analyzing backlinks, suggesting new keywords, estimating traffic and more. The situation may have changed since 2014 when I last saw that tool. Overall, the tool's relatively easy to use, and does the job that it promises to do - counts your website's ranking in search engines. Some other functionality could be included for it to be broader used in SEO analytics.