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Over imc Learning Suite

imc Learning Suite is de ideale kruising tussen een LMS & LXP. Het is volledig in het Nederlands beschikbaar en is een van de meest uitgebreide leerplatformen op de markt.

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Jamie E.
Consultant in Australië
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 6-12 maanden
Bron van de reviewer

Excellent user interface, broad and deep functionality out-of-the-box, very configurable & flexible

5 4 jaar geleden


A really comprehensive and professionally built suite of eLearning capabilities that can be adapted (and re-adapted) to fit any organisation - the more complex the need the better it performs against alternative options. The ability to easily setup individual/groups, programs with a variety of different types of profiles, and the management of all of this is a key differentiator. All the new types of eLearning capabilities like micro-learning, gamification, badges, continuous personal development, `and Learning Management , proof of competency, and a load more features besides that are configurable `out-of-the-box. Because IMC also offer customised courseware and great off-the-shelf content through partners, makes managing the whole eLearning so much easier to do. The new `process guide toolkit that is scheduled to be released soon promises to be a major advantage as it offers context-sensitive `just-in-time guidance and help at the point of need will be invaluable for complex and constantly changing requirements.


The service locally is good and very responsive, but the need for special bespoke features and customisation that needs to be done in the Germany HQ can be a bit slow. The backend activities relating to configuring all the rich functionality was quite cumbersome up to recently, but I understand the new version with a more intuitive GUI is supposed to fix this. The system documentation - which is a symptom of the back end was a bit ordinary, but I understand the new `process guide software toolkit will significantly reduce the need for the document.

Elisabeth H.
Hr manager in Duitsland
Farmaceutica, 10.000+ werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 1+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer

Best lms and great team

5 2 jaar geleden


Absolutely customizable and amazing functionalities. Nice look and feel


Nowadays i am absolutely happy with imc

Michael F.
Michael F.
IT Specialist - Application Owner in Zwitserland
Geverifieerde LinkedIn-gebruiker
Financiële dienstverlening, 1.001-5.000 werknemers
Heeft de software gebruikt voor: 2+ jaar
Bron van de reviewer

Expert LMS for Pros

4 2 jaar geleden

Opmerkingen: Actually, we are using version 2013 (Innovation Pack 2013.10.5). It covers all our needs to bring and manage required learning contet to our users. It's an expert system. You need to know what you are doing. With this software you'll have a kind of swiss army knife. We are using only a part of all functionalities. This product is extremely reliable and the support organization at imc is well built, if you have questions or problems.


This Learning Management System delivers all you need in a corporat environment. You can define learning materials, build courses and programs, book and prebook courses, build workflows for required courses and define chasing e-mails for missed due dates. The frontend for end-users can be customized for your needs following corporate identity and design guidelines. On the frontend you can define where to place a number of predefined content blocks. In course rooms every content attribute can be freely customized. Even language details in the frontends can be configured. You are able to configure different user roles and groups.


The User Interface needs getting used to. It's an system for experts. A user who works one time a month on managing courses or attendees, is a bit of lost in the system. You need to have dedicated users for managing courses, which will work on it full-time. The data model behind the scenes is really old. Database tables have no references between each other. Without any documentation or expert guidance from IMC you are lost if you try to build your own select statements.