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Gebruik Capterra in Nederland om de beste Telemarketing software voor je bedrijf te vinden.

Waarom Capterra gratis is
Scherm delen, beheer op afstand en het mechanisme van Instant Demos voor leadregistratie en agenttoewijzingen zijn allemaal specifiek ontworpen voor verkoopteams, en ze werken allemaal voor elk prospect, zonder enige download of installatie. Beschikbaar in handige, op gebruik gebaseerde plannen, zodat je de oplossing kunt inzetten voor je hele team. Meer informatie over CrankWheel Stop het verlies van omzet vanwege problemen met scherm delen. Probeer scherm delen zonder rompslomp, op maat gemaakt voor de verkoop. Meer informatie over CrankWheel
Bitrix24 is een gratis software-oplossing voor telemarketing, beschikbaar zowel in de cloud als een lokale versie. Je kunt letterlijk binnen één minuut nadat je je Bitrix24-account hebt geregistreerd beginnen met bellen en verkopen. Het maakt niet uit of je verkoopagenten op hetzelfde kantoor zitten, vanuit hun huis werken of verspreid zijn over verschillende locaties wereldwijd, omdat Bitrix24 zeer flexibel is en meerdere talen ondersteunt, waaronder Engels, Duits, Spaans, Portugees, Vietnamees, Chinees, Russisch en vele anderen. Meer informatie over Bitrix24 Bitrix24 is toonaangevende gratis telemarketingsoftware die systeemeigen is geïntegreerd met zijn eigen gratis CRM. Beschikbaar als lokale versie of in de cloud. Meer informatie over Bitrix24
Freshcaller is een cloudgebaseerd PBX-systeem waarmee je lokale en gratis telefoonnummers kunt kopen in meer dan 40 landen. Hierdoor kan je team deelnemen aan contextuele gesprekken met je bellers. Freshcaller is het ideale callcenter voor startups en kleine teams. Met Freshcaller kunnen bedrijven ervoor kiezen om al hun telefoongesprekken op te nemen, waarbij supervisors kunnen meeluisteren en in realtime met klanten spreken. Meer informatie over Freshcaller Freshcaller is een cloudgebaseerde callcenteroplossing die je helpt bij het opschalen van je bedrijf zonder dat je je zorgen hoeft te maken over de complexiteit. Meer informatie over Freshcaller
Branch empowers enterprises to attract and retain hourly employees by providing a mobile-first technology that helps them get ahead financially. Employee turnover is at all-time highs, costing employers $2,500+ to replace one hourly worker. Retaining and engaging employees can improve a company's productivity, customer experiences, and bottomline. Branch is a mobile-first technology that helps hourly workers grow financially.
Triple your live phone connections with Five9's Dialers that outperform other dialers available today. Intelligent algorithms ensure the next caller is available when the next agent is ready. Automate the dialing process, skip no-answers and busy signals, and spend more time talking to live leads, with easily adjustable dialing modes. Manage your lists and campaigns, monitor calls, report in real-time, coach agents and comply with TCPA. See why Five9 is the industry leader for telemarketers. Cloud Contact Center with Practical AI - 4 Dialer Modes, Inbound, Chat, Call Recording, and CRM integration.
Open source contact center software with predictive dialer capabilities. Handles inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls, as well as inbound email and customer website chat. Open source call center software w/ outbound predictive dialer. Also handles inbound & manual calls as well as email and web chat.
VanillaSoft, the industry's most successful sales engagement platform, empowers sales teams to respond to leads faster, interact more consistently, and generate more qualified sales opportunities. Thousands of users employ VanillaSofts sales cadence automation to drive speed-to-lead, persistency, productivity and revenue-per-rep. VanillaSoft empowers sales teams to respond to leads faster, engage consistently, and develop more qualified opportunities.
Increase Telemarketing Reps Outbound Sales In 15-Minutes Guaranteed! We're so confident you'll increase outbound sales using our power dialer, you can use our full product for FREE without a credit card! Here's why we're confident: 1) Dial leads 4X faster 2) No awkward "telemarketer's delay" for fewer hang-ups 3) Instantly leave voicemails & emails 4) 15 minute setup - use any computer & phone 5) #1 feature set and ease of use! Powerful OUTBOUND CALL CENTER platform. Reach 4x more leads w/ NO awkward pause. No set up fees. Free trial (no credit card needed).
Increase talking time up to 300% with a versatile cloud-based call center solution. The software is designed to triple outbound call volumes and comply with FCC at the same time. It has everything youll ever need: campaign flexibility, three dialing modes (Preview, Power, Predictive), effective team management, and comprehensive reporting. Start in a few clicks and easily integrate your favorite business tools. Enjoy the capabilities of Voiptime Cloud software trusted by 1000+ users! Increase talking time up to 300% with a versatile cloud-based call center solution trusted by 1000+ users!
Maximize contact ratios while reaching the largest number of prospects with the cloud based contact center solution from Go with a dialer backed by the company that wants to help your company succeed. Equipped with both outbound and inbound capabilities, the contact center solution from has everything you need to excel. Attentive, in-house Customer Support is available during regular dialing hours to troubleshoot and guide you. Amplify your telemarketing teams with dialing tools from a company that aims to see you succeed.
A phone system built for telemarketers. Finally, a phone system that delivers higher call volume, maximized connect rates, and all inclusive call analytics. As an innovative leader in business communications, FluentStream has reinvented business phone systems. When features like area code matching, voicemail drop and call recording, FluentStream has transformed business communications. Starting at $45/per user per month, FluentStream offers inbound and outbound call center functionality for small and medium businesses.
KOOKOO is an omnichannel contact center suite used by 1500+ businesses worldwide for their inbound and outbound interactions. Access enterprise level cloud features at 40% lower TCO, in both VOIP and PSTN countries. Reduce handle times, and exceed SLAs with multiple tools: IVR, speech recognition, intelligent call routing, bots, live monitoring, dialers and more. Go live in a few hours, even integrating with your existing telecom provider if needed. KOOKOO CloudAgent is a perfect fit for your inbound and outbound contact center. Access enterprise level features at 40% lower TCO.
Ytel's Contact Center was built for lead generation, accelerating sales, and coordinating large-scale marketing campaigns. Ideal for businesses with 10 or more agents. Automatically flag and change phone numbers that get marked as spam, access to the premium short code (ex: 411-411 and 911-911), 800, and local phone numbers with every area code. Highlighted features: Outbound Calling, Ringless Voicemail, Call Tracking, Lead Distribution, Voice Broadcasting, Custom IVR, and ask about our API. Whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, or enhance the customer journey, Ytel has a solution to help you communicate.
100% Cloud-Based Dialer & Lead Management Technology - Empower Your Telemarketing Teams with an Industry-Leading 10X More Conversations! Try us for 7 days FREE and see immediate results: No pause when connecting a call, unlimited dial-out lines, seamless integration with your current CRM, powerful workflow automations, and much more! Wether you are a company of 1, or a team of 100+, Sales Sling will elevate your telemarketing game like never before. 100% Cloud-Based Dialer & Lead Management Technology - Empower Your Telemarketing Team with an Industry-Leading 10X More Conversations!
Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with CallFire's Cloud Call Center. Simply upload your contacts, and in minutes, CallFire's Power Dialer will connect your sales agents to live leads. CallFire can call up to 4 phone lines per agent and will leave answering machine messages. CallFire saves time by weeding out busy signals, bad phone numbers, and handling answering machines. Agents focus on speaking with live customers, leading to 20-30% increases in efficiency over manual dialing. Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with - upload contacts and in minutes, CallFire will connect your sales agents to live leads!
Telemarketing solution that automates, organizes, and manages your outbound call campaigns in order to increase efficiency. Telemarketing solution that automates, organizes, and manages your outbound call campaigns in order to increase efficiency.
Perfect for 10+ users - Free Trial. Get the highest connection rate with our Predictive Dialer designed to convert more leads faster. Now you can call, email, and text your leads in a single platform. You can also reduce headcount by at least 20% through our Conversational artificial intelligence Agent which will pre-qualify your leads using a real human's voice, but without any human interaction. Perfect for 10+ users-Free Trial. Get the highest connection rate with our artificial intelligence Telemarketing Software.
Are you tired of being disappointed with poor connections, downtime, lag, and finger pointing when you escalate an issue? Ideal for telemarketing to the USA with 5 or more agents, we outshine the competition by continually adding new features; making the system simpler to use which saves time and money. Our support is outstanding and free. Contact us today and let's talk about the benefits so you can make the right decision and buy with confidence. Dialer + ACD Inbound, IVR, QA, 25 Lines/agent, Built in soft-phone, TCPA Compliant, 99.999% uptime, API, WebHooks, No Set-up fees
We offer the most effective cloud based Predictive Dialer Software available. Includes predictive dialing, progressive dialing and preview dialing processes. Award Winning Technology from Augutech can greatly improve both your marketing effectiveness and the overall growth of your business. The automated dialing process allows you to reach more customers faster either through direct contact or voicemail. FREE trials available. Augutech is an industry leading Outbound Call Center Platform. Increase sales up to 400% with our predictive dialer solution. Augutech is an an award winning Outbound Call Center Platform.
Transform everyday calls into awesome conversations with contactSPACE: the ultimate contact centre solution for telemarketing. Our suite of diallers and inbuilt scripting (CallGuides) make outbound contact effortless, allowing you to achieve awesome results at scale. We also offer omnichannel communication, inbuilt WebRTC, QA initiatives, and you can build your own dashboards - allowing you to pick and choose the metrics that matter to you, enabling easy performance monitoring and improvement. contactSPACE provides Cloud Contact Centre solutions for telemarketers, helping to improve customer conversations and productivity.
Of all the ways to engage a prospect or customer, the telephone remains king. But as organizations become increasingly dispersed, sales managers face a losing battle in measuring the performance of reps who are using a host of calling methods, including personal phones, to make work-related calls. Gryphons Sales Performance Dashboard automatically captures all call activity, regardless of phone type or location, through proven cloud-based telephony innovation. Companies with dispersed sales teams depend on Gryphon Networks to optimize sales performance and eliminate regulatory risk.
Telemarketingsoftware - verbeter de prestaties van je callcenter/televerkoop met het platform van Focus Contact Center voor uitgaande-inkomende gesprekken. Dit product maakt omnichannel-communicatie eenvoudig in het gebruik, snel en intuïtief. Bied je medewerkers krachtige, geautomatiseerde tools zoals voorspellende nummerselectie, gespreksopname, IVR, HLR, gespreksroutering, zwarte lijsten, ingebouwde CRM, ticketsysteem en meer. Naadloos te integreren met CRM-systemen zoals Salesforce, MS Dynamics en meer. Software voor telemarketing - gespreksopname, live controle, geavanceerde rapportage, multichannel (telefoon, sms, e-mail, chat, webformulier, sociaal).
Software voor uitgaande gesprekscampagnes, voor plaatselijke teams en teams op afstand. Geeft efficiëntie en plezier aan uitgaande gesprekken, wat de zakelijke groei stimuleert en het behoud van medewerkers verbetert. Klanten gebruiken CallSquad voor doeleinden zoals verkoopontwikkeling, leadkwalificatie, toestemming voor opt-in marketing, werving en evenementuitnodigingen. Software voor uitgaande gesprekscampagnes voor teams - Snel te implementeren en eenvoudig te schalen.
ipSCAPE is a true cloud customer experience technology solution that is feature rich, scalable and offers advanced integration capabilities. Connect with your customers through Voice, Web Chat, Email and SMS. -Advanced integration capabilities -Scalable browser and a headset -Feature Rich - with customisation tools that are easy to use -Easy to implement -24/7 Support -trusted globally A true cloud customer experience technology solution that is feature rich, scalable and offers advanced integration capabilities

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Ideal for organisations wanting to process in or outbound calls using a standardised workflow and without complication. Provides a simple user interface, easy management tools and fantastic reporting. Our customisation options ensure it can fit in with any business process and add real value for agents, supervisors, clients and management alike. Assisted installations and in-house support ensure you get the most benefit from its slick featureset. All for a low monthly cost. Quick and cheap to deploy, and easy to use. Lets firms process 100% more calls while improving conversions and customer satisfaction.

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Cloud based software and mobile app solutions for SMBs that they can implement and manage real-time. We help SMBs to Acquire, Service and Retain customers thereby significantly increasing their Sales, Profitability and ROI. Convenient usage on cell phones via our apps provide SMBs all benefits without the worry of upfront investments towards infrastructure, hardware or software.All this can be managed by client users through an easy-to-use interface on the cell phone or laptop. Cloud based software and mobile app solutions for SMBs that they can implement and manage real-time.

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Nuxiba Technologies has helped increase companies productivity to over 50%, how we have uncomplicated contact center life and have reduced your downtime and costs. Nuxiba has the most complete contact center suite with the best price per agent on the market. With the best technical support, we know why our clients stay with us on average of over 12 years and why we have 45% of the market share. Nuxiba is TPCA compliant and offers end to end services for your Contact Center. Discover why Nuxiba is the only one in the industry to have a three month, money-back guarantee.

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Automated calling system that increases customer engagement and enhances company's telemarketing initiatives. Automated calling system that increases customer engagement and enhances company's telemarketing initiatives.

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SmileCRM has been built to support the person making the call. It wraps them with information such as product details, uploaded attachments, call history and direct links to email/website/location map. The operator edit/add contact details and can swap between contacts in flight. Out of the box SmileCRM comes with pre configured call back and closure reasons, so minimal setup required to get started. Wizards help you through list import and campaign setup. No login, charge Outbound telemarketing software to manage lead generation, appointment setting and surveys.

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Improve the productivity of your agents and increase your conversion rates Improve the productivity of your agents and increase your conversion rates