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Bekijk alternatieven voor Hi-Tech Software die de meeste gelijkenis vertonen wat betreft belangrijke functies en voordelen. Bekijk de volgende alternatieven voor Hi-Tech Software om te bepalen of er andere opties zijn voor Hi-Tech Software die je ook zou kunnen overwegen.

Cloudgebaseerd platform voor aanbieders van langdurige zorg van elke omvang die helpt bij het beheren van de patiëntenworkflow, naleving, medicatie en nog veel meer.
Netsmart Vision automates workflows by providing an integrated clinical and financial EHR to drive efficiencies across all LTPAC.
With myUnity®, organizations can utilize a single, unified electronic health record that connects all senior living lines of business.
PowerChart LTC helps long-term care organizations of any size consolidate resident health information into a single person-centered EHR
HCS provides comprehensive Health IT software solutions to meet the dynamic needs of diversified healthcare enterprises.
Long Term Care and Post Acute Care integrated clinical and financial software.
Enquire CRM was designed specifically for senior housing and post-acute care and can be customized for each clients needs.
Optimus EMR is a leading EMR / EHR software solution was designed for the post-acute care and long-term care industry.
EHR and financial software for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and other LTPAC facilities.
Cloud based EHR electronic health record system designed and tailored specifically for the needs of the long-term care.


door Promantra Synergy Solution

A complete Healthcare Information suite with applications to actualize Financial and Clinical needs of Long-term Care Facilities.
The simple solution to long-term care software.
Fully-integrated and easy-to-use clinical and financial software solution for long-term and specialty healthcare.

Clinical Care Suite

door American Health Care Software

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Quickly, easily and accurately manage every aspect of your organization's clinical and business needs.

Adaptive Care

door Assisted Living Soft

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Cloud-based solution that helps businesses with payroll processing, scheduling, attendance tracking, goal charting and more.

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